Thursday, December 29

Sequins / Party

wherever the year went, i can't believe new years is so close. i've never been the girl to go out partying hard on holidays, but if i did, surely it'd be in head-to-toe sequins! very new years party aprope.

happy new year!

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Wednesday, December 28

Tuesday, December 27

Pretty Prints

pretty prints that have been floating around pinterest.

are you following my pinning adventures yet?

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Monday, December 26

Big Bags on Wheels

are you traveling during the holidays this year? i'm not, but these bags would have me packing up in no time.
i love luggage and bags, but it works for me as i'm a notorious over-packer.

if you guys have been traveling for the holidays be safe and have fun!

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Friday, December 23

I'm a Wrap Star

everything is wrapped and i'm all set for christmas on sunday. well, except for everything that needs to be baked. i've gone a little dessert crazy this time around and have a long list of recipes i want to try. realistically, i hope to make at least two.

this is my color pallet this year: golds, greys, and glitter. wrapping has been most enjoyable for me. crafting is the best stress reliever during this time of year. in addition to making about a million paper poms!

by the way, did you guys see my cards featured over at designlovefest?

Tuesday, December 13


i have a list of things to do in 2012 and learning to knit is one of them. not resolutions, just things. some small and some big, just to keep me on track and to make sure i'm not forgetting about my smaller dreams in life. is that a resolution? if so, let's just not call it that.

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Monday, December 12

Everyone Is Doing It

i think i've finally reached the age where i'm truly too old to be making christmas wishlists. but everyone on the blogosphere is making gift guides and i just wanted to put together my own set of things i've had my eye on!

list or no list i'll definitely be purchasing a chemex. i broke my coffeemaker a few months back and told myself i wouldn't buy a new one until it was one i really, really liked. forget the keurig, a chemex has so much charm.

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Thursday, December 8

P&O meets Blogshop

i am a busy girl these days. i'm pushing through my last WEEK of undergrad and i've never had more on my plate ever, ever in my life. no amount of work, though, could have stopped me from participating in a major opportunity.

graphic designer, bri emery & photographer, angela kohler are holding their next blogshop workshop in new york this weekend, and my cards will be featured in the goodie bags! these girls are such inspiring, successful people, and blogshop is a class i've been wanting to take for a while now. just taking this little part in it, though, is exciting enough. i am happy to know this group of people will be able to take away a little handmade love from their experience there. (though they will get to take away so much more than that in just two short days.)

being offered this opportunity pushed me to take a small next step with my business: i've printed my company info on the back of my cards! how legit is that?

i hope the students have so much fun & learn a ton on their trip & that they enjoy their little cards made by me!

Wednesday, December 7

In Haus

i love chevron. or really any shape that even remotely resembles a triangle.
especially when it's mini-sized.

i wish i'd thought of this myself.

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Tuesday, December 6

Dream Kitchen



Holiday Mixtape

i've secretly been listening to christmas music since october. here are just some of my favorites i wanted to share.

do not judge justin bieber until you've heard the whole album!

Wednesday, November 30


has anyone heard of they feature all kinds of beautifully designed things every day at discounted prices, up to 70% off. even if i'm not buying anything, it's fun to see all the neat things that are out there. can't lie, the savings are reaallly good though.

thanks to my awesome friend, reggie, for making me sign up for this. it's by invitation only to sign up, but when a friend refers you, you get $10 free to shop! email me if you want to sign up!

Tuesday, November 29

Monday, November 28

Gold Rush

okay technically brass, but gorgeous nonetheless.
sad day those glasses are all sold out.

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Friday, November 25

Current Favorite

it's no secret how freakishly obsessed with wood i am. that third one is about to be purchased by me.

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Thursday, November 24

Potted Goodness

lots of these things being used today.
too bad ours aren't displayed as sweet at this.

happy thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 21


i suppose it's the season and gift-giving that's inspired west elm's monogram shop. there are tons of options to make your own decor more "you" or to make a gift more heartfelt. i always thought of monogramming as something that older, boring, married couples did. thank you west elm for changing my mind.

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Friday, November 18

Crimson is the Color of Christmas

my holiday cards are here! crimson is the color I chose to make my prints in for the season. (& a triangle tree is my seasonal pattern!) it goes along so well with my usual colors, and they just look christmas-sy without specific christmas images. they're simple, but get the holiday message across.

go to my shop's page to see all the patterns and colors that are available.
custom combinations are an option as well!

All About Eve

how does anyone dress this cool at 5 years old? am i the only one who still uses the word "cool"?

here, go.

Tuesday, November 15


really. who doesn't love lemon? it's like right up there with chocolate, but completely the opposite.

i have a friend who loves lemon--i think about her whenever i see starbucks' lemon pound cake in the pastry display--so it was fun to surprise her at work with these lemon butter bars. mixing the shortbread by hand totally made me feel like a real chef. my cousin and i would always make the boxed version growing up. they'd almost never come out right and would always stick, so we'd end up eating it straight from the pan. i was proud to make these from scratch, and succeed.

*adapted from milk & honey cafe.

Saturday, November 12

I Love VA

just, i cannot wait to spend an immense amount of time here. taking a workshop is number one on my list come january. it also helps how much i love old town alexandria.

703 548 0018

go, now.

Thursday, November 10

Monday, November 7

Vintage Locker Baskets.

okay, okay. no need to call me a lousy blogger. this is all I want to be doing. sadly, these last four weeks of school will be kicking my butt. i'll attempt to update as often as possible, but for now I just wanted to write about these gems of wire.

though considered "vintage," these little babies are pretty easy to find around and for not-so-expensive at all. way to make organizing pretty & fun.

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Friday, October 28

Farm Tables with David Ellison.

Process: Farm Tables With David Ellison from Etsy on Vimeo.

Wood is one of my favorite materials to work with. It is so easy and versatile, and the finishes can be amazing. It's remarkable how something as basic as a plank of wood could hold so much detail. Etsy follows David Ellison, who owns the shop Lorimer Antiques, in his workshop where he demonstrates his noteworthy craft.

Wednesday, October 19


A few weeks ago I went to an art event at my school where the tickets had a quote on them which stuck with me. As an art student I constantly feel pressured to have the most innovative ideas with the most meaning; to come up with things no one has ever seen done before. It's hard, and most times impossible to do on the spot. I needed this reminder to just do what I love. This is why art is unlike anything else, because you are given the freedom to do what you want, which sometime includes messing up. It's all part of the fun, and it's important to remember to just enjoy the process.

"Don't try to be original. Just try to be good."
- Paul Rand

Monday, October 17

"Monkey" Bread

I'm not so into difficult recipes that have a long prep or bake time. I want something just long enough to enjoy the process, but you don't have to wait on! Banana bread is a pretty typical baked good in the fall, but I make my own with real bananas and real walnuts -- no mix with added flavors here. My own personal touch: chocolate chips. Handmade parchment paper cupcake liners give these muffins that authentic-recipe look.

Ingredients //
2 smashed bananas
1 or 2 sliced bananas (I used 2)
1/3 cup melted butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
Pinch of salt
1/2 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

Directions //
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Mix butter and bananas in a large mixing bowl. Next, mix in the sugar, egg, and vanilla. Add the baking soda and salt. Mix in the chocolate chips and walnuts. Add the flour last, mix. Scoop into muffin pan liners as desired. Bake for 30 minutes; a little longer for a loaf pan. Cool and enjoy!

Friday, October 14

Hello, Suburbia

Meet Lisa. Fellow, Metro DC blogger. I stumbled across her blog, Hello, Suburbia, last week and have spent spare moments clicking through old posts and photos. For a long time I always felt that DC-based blog-girls were few and far between. All the exciting events and bloggers seem to be on the west cost, or in New York. Not true. I've lived in northern Virginia my whole life, and have had an affinity for the area since I was young. Now that I'm older my passion for the city has grown stronger. Reading posts on Lisa's blog have opened my eyes to all the neat little places around that I've just had no idea about! When I graduate, it's where I plan to live and start my career and I can't wait for the adventure. It's good to know I've got people like me in the area.

Thursday, October 13

Right Now: Inspirational Office

As a college student, I'm constantly moving around. Sometimes as often as every semester, I'm shifted from one place to the next and it's difficult to ever feel settled. My belongings, especially, are hard to establish places of their own and this proves difficult, specifically when I have a creative impulse. As much as I want to hurry to my supplies to begin crafting, I can’t because my materials are strewn here and there through my apartment. I dream of the day when I finally have a permanent place, studio space included. Oh, the ways I imagine I could organize!

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Source of All Things Good

Going to the Paper Source is an experience that could only leave you inspired. It makes me happy to see the final pieces of people's creativity. After brainstorming, sketching, and trying to come up with my own designs, I feel so accomplished when it all finally comes together. Looking at others' designs always makes me wonder about the moment that inspired them to make what they did.

While in the store, I noticed Rifle Paper Co. stationery by Anna Bond. She graduated from my university not long ago as a graphic design major and though I didn't know her I felt so proud to see her pieces in such a notable boutique. It gave me hope for the things I may be able to do once I graduate.

For the longest time I'd been meaning to buy Grace Bonney's book, Design*Sponge at Home (I know, I know, I'm SO late). After debating buying it online for a while, I happened to run into it at Paper Source. I swear, it was a moment. I wasn't expecting to find it, but when I saw it, I couldn't deny it after seeing how gorgeous the cover was in person. I can't wait to take in the content of each page, but sadly, that will have to wait until I'm less busy when I graduate in December.

Sunday, October 9

Ballston Arts & Crafts

Seems all I do these days is talk about craft fairs and do homework. This past weekend was the final Ballston Arts & Crafts Market of the season. It was much smaller than Crafty Bastards and features only local crafters. The weather was perfect this time around, and I was able to bring my mom! I know she loves this kind of event but would never go unless I drag her with me, so it was nice to be there and see the local talent together.

Find out who these crafters are by visiting my facebook page.

Monday, October 3

Crafty Bastards 2011

This event was just what I needed to remind me to just do what I love. Despite the unexpected cold winds and rain, tons of people came out to support. There were so many different types of handmade goods and it was just nice to see people so passionate about their craft. My highlight was seeing Katharine Watson at her booth, since I'd already been following her blog. I bought one of her Monogram 'M' cards and spoke to her briefly. I'll actually see her again next weekend at the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market on Saturday and the Nana Trunk Show on Sunday. Totally not stalking her or anything! Being at the event made me eager to work more on my own block prints and just being creative.

Head over to my facebook page to find out who these crafters are!