Friday, October 14

Hello, Suburbia

Meet Lisa. Fellow, Metro DC blogger. I stumbled across her blog, Hello, Suburbia, last week and have spent spare moments clicking through old posts and photos. For a long time I always felt that DC-based blog-girls were few and far between. All the exciting events and bloggers seem to be on the west cost, or in New York. Not true. I've lived in northern Virginia my whole life, and have had an affinity for the area since I was young. Now that I'm older my passion for the city has grown stronger. Reading posts on Lisa's blog have opened my eyes to all the neat little places around that I've just had no idea about! When I graduate, it's where I plan to live and start my career and I can't wait for the adventure. It's good to know I've got people like me in the area.


  1. I felt the SAME way when I found Lisa!!! I was living in NOVA for 3 years, but just moved to NJ temporarily....but I'll be back. And then we should ALL have a meet up :D

  2. Turns out there are lots of great bloggers in NoVA. I met Lisa at a blogger meet-up a few weeks ago and she's just as sweet as her blog!