Monday, February 27

Oh, Monday

spent a large portion of my week and weekend taking new stock photos of my cards, and pretty much re-vamping my shop. it was hard to keep up with when i was in school full time and it is no different now with a full time, pretty demanding job. but i enjoy it so it's very much worth it. i also now have a pin board of my work. exciting!

Monday, February 20

Cara Robbins

haven't come across too many photographers who take portraits quite like cara robbins. everyone these days has a camera and everyone claims to be a photographer, but when you can capture people the way this girl does, you know you've got some talent. it's amazing to look at a photo and feel like you can get a sense of who that person is just by the expressions she is able to catch. i must say she's passed by some pretty unique characters, and i am loving getting a taste of it on her blog.

source, here.

Thursday, February 16

Sawkille Co.

ever since I downloaded the app on my phone, I've been checking the sales daily. today's favorite of mine is sawkille co., amazing and modern kitchen furniture, designed by jonah meyer. the collection above is a pretty brilliant mix of farmhouse and high-end. good stuff, huh?

Tuesday, February 14

Love All Around

a daily prayer and the ultimate love letter.
this background photo i used was featured in my senior art exhibit.

happy valentine's day.

Monday, February 13


i'm stuffed. i am so tired of eating and drinking after this weekend! one reason i am always in the kitchen is because i have a teeny tiny obsession with kitchen goods. one of these days, i am sure to be considered a collector. but i can't help it. once i've bought it, i figure "might as well use it."

while pinning i came across one of the images above and immediately linked through to the original website, amazing. just more things to collect in my kitchen.

Tuesday, February 7


it's hard for me to not post every last photo that was taken during the first kinfolk dinner in portland. i want to put together an event for my friends with this decor and this energy. i hope my friend rebecca wins the seat at the dinner happening in brooklyn!

Monday, February 6

And I'm Back

i really like this couch. when I saw it, at the thrift store, i knew i had to have it. i didn't know how i would drag it home in my tiny car, but i knew it'd be mine. it was beat up, with a worn, but pretty patina on the seat cushions, and awesome splatters of paint on the arm.
is it weird to say this couch is like me? with a history, but also great potential for a great future (esp with some new handmade throw pillows) i thought graduating college would mean endless freedom to work on the ever-growing list projects and ideas that i never had time for before. but time is daunting! free time means valuable time, time that could be spent allowing my life to stand still, or making choices that will allow my opportunities to grow tremendously.
i'm not sure if this free time is under-inspiring, or over-inspiring. there are so many things I want to do, a laundry list of places i want to go. by the time i sit down to make a blog post, my brain is already on to the next thing, and i am sorry for that!
thank rebecca / a daily something , lisa / hello, suburbia , and lauren / laurenchanting for this post. i met up with them for dinner at dogfish head ale house this weekend and it was amazing! when the internet is such a huge part of your life, it is relieving to have a conversation without having to stop, reverse, and explain so many details to your non-blog friends. (the blogoshpere really makes absolutely no sense to the rest of the world.)

they reminded me about the fun of blogging, and sharing your interest and dreams with the people out there who are like-minded. and if blogging brings to me nothing more than great people like them, then i'm satisfied!
moving forward it will be my best effort to post more regularly. but i want my blog to reflect me, my thoughts, my likes, and my projects, and that honestly just doesn't come every day. my hope is that when i do post, it will be true content. having so many interests does not have to be overwhelming. i just need to make the efforts to do the things i feel will bring me closer to my goals. and i'll try to share as much as possible.