Thursday, December 29

Sequins / Party

wherever the year went, i can't believe new years is so close. i've never been the girl to go out partying hard on holidays, but if i did, surely it'd be in head-to-toe sequins! very new years party aprope.

happy new year!

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Wednesday, December 28

Tuesday, December 27

Pretty Prints

pretty prints that have been floating around pinterest.

are you following my pinning adventures yet?

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Monday, December 26

Big Bags on Wheels

are you traveling during the holidays this year? i'm not, but these bags would have me packing up in no time.
i love luggage and bags, but it works for me as i'm a notorious over-packer.

if you guys have been traveling for the holidays be safe and have fun!

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Friday, December 23

I'm a Wrap Star

everything is wrapped and i'm all set for christmas on sunday. well, except for everything that needs to be baked. i've gone a little dessert crazy this time around and have a long list of recipes i want to try. realistically, i hope to make at least two.

this is my color pallet this year: golds, greys, and glitter. wrapping has been most enjoyable for me. crafting is the best stress reliever during this time of year. in addition to making about a million paper poms!

by the way, did you guys see my cards featured over at designlovefest?

Tuesday, December 13


i have a list of things to do in 2012 and learning to knit is one of them. not resolutions, just things. some small and some big, just to keep me on track and to make sure i'm not forgetting about my smaller dreams in life. is that a resolution? if so, let's just not call it that.

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Monday, December 12

Everyone Is Doing It

i think i've finally reached the age where i'm truly too old to be making christmas wishlists. but everyone on the blogosphere is making gift guides and i just wanted to put together my own set of things i've had my eye on!

list or no list i'll definitely be purchasing a chemex. i broke my coffeemaker a few months back and told myself i wouldn't buy a new one until it was one i really, really liked. forget the keurig, a chemex has so much charm.

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Thursday, December 8

P&O meets Blogshop

i am a busy girl these days. i'm pushing through my last WEEK of undergrad and i've never had more on my plate ever, ever in my life. no amount of work, though, could have stopped me from participating in a major opportunity.

graphic designer, bri emery & photographer, angela kohler are holding their next blogshop workshop in new york this weekend, and my cards will be featured in the goodie bags! these girls are such inspiring, successful people, and blogshop is a class i've been wanting to take for a while now. just taking this little part in it, though, is exciting enough. i am happy to know this group of people will be able to take away a little handmade love from their experience there. (though they will get to take away so much more than that in just two short days.)

being offered this opportunity pushed me to take a small next step with my business: i've printed my company info on the back of my cards! how legit is that?

i hope the students have so much fun & learn a ton on their trip & that they enjoy their little cards made by me!

Wednesday, December 7

In Haus

i love chevron. or really any shape that even remotely resembles a triangle.
especially when it's mini-sized.

i wish i'd thought of this myself.

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Tuesday, December 6

Dream Kitchen



Holiday Mixtape

i've secretly been listening to christmas music since october. here are just some of my favorites i wanted to share.

do not judge justin bieber until you've heard the whole album!