Thursday, December 8

P&O meets Blogshop

i am a busy girl these days. i'm pushing through my last WEEK of undergrad and i've never had more on my plate ever, ever in my life. no amount of work, though, could have stopped me from participating in a major opportunity.

graphic designer, bri emery & photographer, angela kohler are holding their next blogshop workshop in new york this weekend, and my cards will be featured in the goodie bags! these girls are such inspiring, successful people, and blogshop is a class i've been wanting to take for a while now. just taking this little part in it, though, is exciting enough. i am happy to know this group of people will be able to take away a little handmade love from their experience there. (though they will get to take away so much more than that in just two short days.)

being offered this opportunity pushed me to take a small next step with my business: i've printed my company info on the back of my cards! how legit is that?

i hope the students have so much fun & learn a ton on their trip & that they enjoy their little cards made by me!

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  1. eek! how exciting! congrats on the great opportunity AND almost being done with undergrad!