Friday, March 23

Light Outside

Wakey!Wakey! - Light Outside from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

this week's song is not just the song. i first heard light outside by wakey!wakey! when watching this video by vs the brain featuring andrew and carissa gallo. how can you not love them? and this video is just too dreamy.

Monday, March 19

Pizza Weekend

spent some much needed time downtown this weekend after a strange and looong week at work. i didn't quite make it to eastern market like i'd planned so i've gotta try back in the next few weekends. i did, however, make it to we, the pizza, a spot that anyone in the area MUST go to for their homemade sodas. good news is, my love for the city is coming back.

i hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as i.
not really ready for the work week to start back up.

Friday, March 16

Music / 02

by now, you've all heard the music of lana del rey, who's totally making her big moves right now in the music biz. for most people, you love her or you hate her-- i chose to love! it's something different: a little old school, a little dark, nothing like i've really heard before. there's some dubstep remixes going around youtube of her songs, but the 'video games' remix has made itself my favorite!

Wednesday, March 14


i'm a girl who loves my neutrals and minimal design. so i've surprised even myself how much i love these tarai chairs. i want it to be summer, and to have a cute little cafe party in a backyard with these chairs.

source, anthro.

Monday, March 12


so this week is spring break at my old university and a couple friends came home to DC this weekend! so nice to have some creative blood back in my life! my friend christina, and a new friend, may, and i went to the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn museum. a day of nice weather, a little culture, good food, great company, and warhol! doesn't get any better. i brought my camera along and will share some photos inside the museum later in the week. but here are a few snapshots of the weekend from my instagram.

happy monday!

Friday, March 9

Music / 01

remember how on the first of school, everyone had to stand up and share a little bit about themselves? yeah. i always hated that day. not only because i consider it small talk (and i hate small talk) but because there is really no describing my personality. as true as one fact is about me on one side of the scale, it's almost always just as true on the complete opposite side. does that make sense? probably not.

the biggest example of this i can give you is my taste in music. you won't ever find someone who can so briskly channel her inside disc jockey from josh garrels to a tribe called quest. i like to think the contents of my itunes is pretty unique.

i want to share a new artist or song with you in week in the hopes that you'll have a new enjoyable tune for the weekend. i hope you'll share a song or two with me, too. i know i'm not the only one sick of the radio. (seriously, WHAT are these kids listening to these days?)

to start off simple, here is the most peaceful of songs ever. enough of my words. relax.

Wednesday, March 7


out of all my pinterest boards, my kitch board receives the most love. i've been pinning way too many spoons though, and it's becoming a problem.

source. 1 / 2

Monday, March 5

Field Girl

this is prescilia, one of my dearest friends from college. i miss being at school, with so many friends, and so many people like me. DC just hasn't felt like home since i've been back. all my old friends are in such a different place than i want to be. no one here gets it. i can't wait to visit lynchburg one day soon. i need a fix of friends, mini photoshoots, and a really good thrifting hunt.

photos by me for paper & olives.