Wednesday, November 30


has anyone heard of they feature all kinds of beautifully designed things every day at discounted prices, up to 70% off. even if i'm not buying anything, it's fun to see all the neat things that are out there. can't lie, the savings are reaallly good though.

thanks to my awesome friend, reggie, for making me sign up for this. it's by invitation only to sign up, but when a friend refers you, you get $10 free to shop! email me if you want to sign up!

Tuesday, November 29

Monday, November 28

Gold Rush

okay technically brass, but gorgeous nonetheless.
sad day those glasses are all sold out.

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Friday, November 25

Current Favorite

it's no secret how freakishly obsessed with wood i am. that third one is about to be purchased by me.

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Thursday, November 24

Potted Goodness

lots of these things being used today.
too bad ours aren't displayed as sweet at this.

happy thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 21


i suppose it's the season and gift-giving that's inspired west elm's monogram shop. there are tons of options to make your own decor more "you" or to make a gift more heartfelt. i always thought of monogramming as something that older, boring, married couples did. thank you west elm for changing my mind.

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Friday, November 18

Crimson is the Color of Christmas

my holiday cards are here! crimson is the color I chose to make my prints in for the season. (& a triangle tree is my seasonal pattern!) it goes along so well with my usual colors, and they just look christmas-sy without specific christmas images. they're simple, but get the holiday message across.

go to my shop's page to see all the patterns and colors that are available.
custom combinations are an option as well!

All About Eve

how does anyone dress this cool at 5 years old? am i the only one who still uses the word "cool"?

here, go.

Tuesday, November 15


really. who doesn't love lemon? it's like right up there with chocolate, but completely the opposite.

i have a friend who loves lemon--i think about her whenever i see starbucks' lemon pound cake in the pastry display--so it was fun to surprise her at work with these lemon butter bars. mixing the shortbread by hand totally made me feel like a real chef. my cousin and i would always make the boxed version growing up. they'd almost never come out right and would always stick, so we'd end up eating it straight from the pan. i was proud to make these from scratch, and succeed.

*adapted from milk & honey cafe.

Saturday, November 12

I Love VA

just, i cannot wait to spend an immense amount of time here. taking a workshop is number one on my list come january. it also helps how much i love old town alexandria.

703 548 0018

go, now.

Thursday, November 10

Monday, November 7

Vintage Locker Baskets.

okay, okay. no need to call me a lousy blogger. this is all I want to be doing. sadly, these last four weeks of school will be kicking my butt. i'll attempt to update as often as possible, but for now I just wanted to write about these gems of wire.

though considered "vintage," these little babies are pretty easy to find around and for not-so-expensive at all. way to make organizing pretty & fun.

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