Tuesday, September 27

Roman & Williams

Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer form the noteable design duo Roman and Williams. The husband and wife interiors team are based in New York and are best known for projects such as the Standard Hotel and the Ace Hotel. Their work is unlike any I've encountered. They have this amazing ability to mix new and old and a designed space appears lived in and collected as opposed to an unfamiliar kind of brand new.

I love industrialism found in the home and I so appreciate how they can incorporate it into their designs and make it seem so comfortable and livable. Stephen Alesch explains how their desire is to create a "slightly dreamlike moment" to the audience, which is totally apparent when flipping through their portfolio.

Roman & Williams from The Scout on Vimeo

"Textures are interesting articulation because they're not just sight-based. For an architect, artist, designers, I think one of the limitations about these trades... crafts... is they're typically completely focused on sight and it's a very limited way to see things. It's one of the sort of tragedies of art is that it's entirely visual. Architecture and interiors has the benefit of being something that's tactile-- sitting in and sleeping in and interacting with."
-Stephen Alesch

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